6 Things To Do Everyday For Better Mental Health, According To A Psychologist


The one thing that will help you stay mindful this silly season

As the countdown to Christmas amps up, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. We discover how to stay mindful during this frantic time of year.

While we know that it’s important to take time out for ourselves when life gets hectic, it can be tough – especially when it’s during the silly season.

Psychologist and Chief Operating Officer of Lysn, Tahnee Schulz, says that during Christmas our emotions are heightened and we’re more stressed.

“There’s a lot to organise and a lot of stuff to buy, so mindfulness is incredibly important during this time to look after our wellbeing,” she says.

The easiest way to achieve mindfulness

It sounds simple, but the best way to achieve mindfulness is to treat yourself to the sound of silence.

“There was a study conducted across Europe looking at noise pollution and they found that for every year, one million years of life is lost just through noise pollution alone,” Tahnee reveals.

With that in mind, Tahnee says there are a few simple ways to achieve silence in a busy world.

Cancel the noise

Tahnee recommends investing in some good quality noise-cancelling headphones, such as the Sony WH-1000XM3’s, which have industry-leading noise cancellation.

“One of the simplest ways to get some quiet time in your life is using technology for good,” she says. “We do know that about 12 per cent of people who use headphones are actually using them to listen to mindfulness apps."

Considering this, Tahnee says that one of the best times to grab some quality silent time is right before we go to bed.

“Many of us are now addicted to white noise, even when we sleep,” she says. “Really trying to make sure we have some time where we are silent before bed is key.”

Back to basics

It seems obvious, but immersing yourself in nature can also help bring you some inner peace and quiet.

“There’s a lot of Christmas parties and things like that, so making sure that you’re tapping out and creating silent time for just you is so important,” Tahnee says.

And remember that even though we are all busy, you really can’t buy back your time, so make an effort to give yourself the silent treatment.