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You talk, we Lysn

Your relationship with the psychologist is the key ingredient for success in counselling.
That's why LYSN helps you find your best-fit online psychologist.


1. Increase your self-awareness with personal insights

  • Sign up for a free, confidential and secure account with your name and email
  • Explore the dashboard and start tracking your mood
  • If you are already aware of your condition, feel free to go ahead and explore the learning centre

2. Learn about it

  • Browse the learning centre for content related to you
  • Learn as much as you can and discuss and prepare some questions for your psychologist
  • Keep coming back to view new content that will help you to improve your mental health

3. Get Help

  • Browse our directory of psychologists to find one that fits your needs
  • Each psychologist has a personal profile with a description of their experience, qualifications, specialities and a brief bio
  • Book privately online

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Lysn is yours, explore the dashboard and online tools

Finding a psychologist you trust and respect can be life-changing. No one is an expert on your life, you are the expert; but a psychologist can be support you through your wellbeing journey, providing valuable professional guidance and insight.

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