Contact us now to access bulk billed counselling sessions with Medicare.

Refer a patient and follow up on their mental health

Fax your psychology referrals to Lysn and help them
get an appointment within 24 hours.

Fax GP/Specialist referrals to 02 9167 9009
Please fax your referals for patients in need of psychology directly to Lysn and we’ll invite them to our platform, help them find the right psychologist (with up to 5 matching sessions of 15 minutes for just $19.00) and let you know when they have attended their first session with their matched psychologist.
Fax to 02 9167 9009
Important Information

If your patient is in acute crisis which presents a risk to the patient (i.e. is actively suicidal) or others, please contact your local Emergency Department.

If your patient is in need of a psychology under a mental health care plan or has the ability to self fund their treatment, please submit your referral.

Submission of an referral does not automatically constitute acceptance of the referral.

We will contact your patient within 24 hours, and you will be advised of the outcome within 3 business days from submission of your referral.