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January Is A Good Time To Do A Lot... Not Just Lie On The Beach

Like, get a new look, a new job, a fresh abode and less friends on Facebook. Simple.

Ah, January -- you're a month filled with hot nights, BBQs, mozzies, mangoes and endless beach (or pool) days. Summer down under can be pretty good, right? But did you know January, you're actually a pretty good month for getting shit done.

You see, whether we're looking at upsizing our TVs or upscaling our lives, January, you've got us covered, with your traffic-free roads and your long evenings. And the sales, oh the sales...

And January, you're also good for a change. And with change comes the prospect of a brand new us... we just gotta do it, right?

Says TCT Global Hairdresser of the Year, Matrix Australia's Kobi Bokshish, January is a great time for a new 'do.

"Good hair is the best accessory a woman can have and it's always nice to start the year with something fresh," he told 10 daily. "Also after the madness of the Christmas period, hairdressers will have more time to  pay attention to detail so January is a great time to get a cut. Right now I believe the trend is loose natural curls with a bit of product rather than a glamorous blow dry and I think going shorter allows you to wear you hair in that way...  When a woman walks in to a place with the most expensive ring on her finger, how many people notice it? But when she has new hair, everyone notices, right?

"A change is as good as a holiday, and if you
can't afford a holiday, get a haircut!"

...If you're itching for change after that (and it's not just the loose bits of hair), then you can always look for a new job. Leadership coach Amanda Blesing says that January is a great time to move around.

"What I notice is that people take time off to decompress during the summer holiday period and it causes them to reflect and question what they are doing and why they are doing it," she told 10 daily. "Certainly my busiest time of year is January when people reach out to me, as they’ve finally acknowledged to themselves how unhappy they are, or that now might be a great time to create their next big opportunity with a fabulous new pay rise.

"Popular thinking is that there are no roles available at this time, but that's not necessarily the case.  In fact, because many job-seekers take their holidays too, it can mean that there are some great roles with less competition.

"For those who are serious about their careers, it can be a time to be proactive and strategic and pitch for a role in the direction of their future goals. Those hiring managers and recruiters who are still around will likely be more available for coffee meetings, or conversations.

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"It can be a great time to land a role if you are prepared to do the work."

"My best advice? Use this time for creating proactive, strategic and future
focused outreach opportunities.  Don’t wait for opportunities to find you,
or for roles to be advertised. Do the work. Write your perfect 
description. Then start reaching out to the companies you’d like to work
for or for the roles you really want  proactively."

Of course, while you're cleaning up your life, it's a good time to sort out your socials.

Well at the very least, cull those poisonous people you wouldn't be friends with in the real world. Lysn psychologist Noosha Anzab said, "Social media brings a variety of people and personalities together, all seemingly in one space, with the expectation that everyone will get along."

“But that is not always the case. Many people will experience poisonous people on social media which can over time have some strong effects on a person’s emotional well-being. This can range from attention seekers, over opinionated bullies and just generally negative people,” she told 10 daily.

Anzab shared her tips for ditching these faux 'Friends.'

"The first thing to do is to limit your usage altogether. Set aside strict guidelines for how often you are on there, and be mindful of how it makes you feel every time," she said.

"If you’re already aware of potentially
poisonous people on social media, be mindful
of their behaviour and how it makes you feel.
If someone’s posts and interactions are
constantly making you feel bad, recognise
what they are doing and don’t feel the need
to continue putting up with it."

"Set boundaries by limiting what you see. This can mean unfollowing them on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re worried about offending them, use the muting option so it limits what you see from them. Social media has features to hide what you don’t want to see -- and these features are definitely there for our usage! Get clicking and establish boundaries on really being mindful of the information your consuming.”

Next up, what about getting organised? A summer spring clean, as it were...

Certified Gold KonMari Consultant Gemma Quinn says it's a great time to get rid of anything you don't need -- and in the KonMari way, this means getting rid of things that don't spark joy in your life.

"January and the new year are lovely pauses in our busy society, having a moment to breathe and think naturally leads to self-reflection and planning for the year ahead," she said. "For many people living a less stressful and manageable life is important and key to keeping their sanity during the year.

"Tidying as we go into the new year is a lovely cathartic way to let go of the past and get excited and focus on the future -- it also gets you ready and organised to be able to meet the demands of the year ahead," she told 10 daily.

Even though you don't always keep your new year's resolutions, fitness is one you can get right into -- and while some people say you're destined to fail if you start in January, that's not so, says Sam Wood, fitness guru and boss of 28 by Sam Wood .

"I truly believe that people can get in shape at any time and they don’t necessarily need to wait for a new year," he told 10 daily. "However, there really is something powerful about the start of a new year as the festive season is behind us, we're highly motivated and it’s a time for a fresh start and clean slate. So if you find inspiration in the beginning of a New Year, take advantage of it!

Sam said that January is a really good time to start a new fitness regimen as you often have a few days off work which allows you to properly plan your workout routine. But be warned... you need to plan.

"The reality is," he warned, "you’ll only get optimal results if you plan ahead and then stick to it. Variety is good but you need to train with purpose. Are you aiming to burn fat, increase strength, improve mobility, become a better runner or a combination? Just make sure that the training you choose will give you the results you desire."

And if you want to get all New Year's Resolution-y here, January is also a good time to set some goals for the year.

"A new year is a great time to set goals," Lysn psychologist Anzab told 10 daily.

"It offers up a 'clean slate' where we can decide to do things differently. Establish goals that are small yet specific, achievable, motivating and realistic. The aim is to not try to overwhelm ourselves and to pick goals that are relevant and of benefit to us!"

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