6 Things To Do Everyday For Better Mental Health, According To A Psychologist


Fitspo star Ellice Whichello reveals exactly how she banishes bad day blues

She's fit, she's fierce, and she has over 57k Insta followers. But how does she manage it all? By following these 6 steps.

Image: Instagram @ellicewhichelloSource:BodyAndSoul

It goes without saying, there's nothing worse than having a bad day. One disaster leads to another, and before you know it, the whole universe is working against you. But sdd 57k Instagram followers to the equation, a full-time job, and a reputation as one of the country's most fit and fierce women, and there's really no time to have a bad day, or even a bad moment.


Of course, Ellice Whichello is only human and she does have her moments where she doesn't feel 100 per cent, but majority of the time she's got her head in the game and feels like she's on top of the world. How? She's made these 6 tips a daily ritual:

Punch it out

Punching it out can feel so good for so many reasons. Boxing is such an effective ways of letting of some serious steam. Whether it’s a mental release, zoning out of life for an hour, or to give yourself some ‘me time’, I can't express how much I recommend sweating it out over some pads or the bag. Punching, weaving, ducking... it all alleviates tension. The anaerobic changes in direction causes the brain to concentrate allowing it to feeling stimulated. It also crunches calories like you’ve never seen before. In terms of alleviating tension and reducing the build-up of anxiety in the body, punching it out is definitely something I swear by.


Listen to music

How we feel is the basis of everything. It’s our core driver in everything we do. If we shift our goals to work on our core needs from the inside out, our health will evolve and develop tenfold. A healthy mind leads a healthy life. One of the ways I like to work on the way I feel is by listening to music. Sometimes the feeling of anxiety in all of us can become amplified with the amount of pressure we put on ourselves to achieve, achieve, achieve!

Throughout your day, try taking ten minutes to reconnect with how you wish to feel. I do this by playing music that matches the mood I want to be in, not so much the mood I am in. Calming music works really well for me during work mode and more inspirational upbeat tunes when I am boxing to last the rounds! Give it a go and let the tunes, set the moods.


Speak up, it feels good

It’s really important to have people around you who listen, who care and who are there for you when you need them. Friendship, love, family - these are all relationships we have or perhaps need to work on.

We all need people around us for support, no matter who or where we are in life. People are everything. Lots of people find it hard opening up and talking about how they’re feeling. It can be difficult emotions that you may not even understand, but that’s okay. It’s okay to talk about whatever you’re experiencing. Friends and family that are close will just listen, not judge. Whether its things that you feel silly about, have a coffee, talk it out and get it off your chest. No one is perfect, no one who cares will ever judge. I have my partner Dan who I can talk to about anything. We may not always agree, but he supports me and I will always support him. Keep your loved ones at heart and always speak before it becomes an issue. You will be surprised how wonderful this feels and how it develops close bonds that no one can break!

Nutrition is key. Ditch the sugar.

The mind and body is connected physically and chemically. Our mind, our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions are all positively or negatively affected depending on how each are treated. In order to positively impact our mind, our gut must be healthy and visa versa.

Therefore, how we nourish the body from our gut has a direct correlation with our ability to ‘feel well’. When we are feeling anxious, we are often left feeling like we are just resisting falling off the edge of our seats. Everything that happens in this time is often dreadful. When it comes to amplifying the symptoms of anxiety, some of the foods we eat can be the culprits, and it can begin in the gut. Sugar for example, does not cause anxiety, but it increases its symptoms. Overall, there really is no good option when it comes to sugar. Whether it’s fructose, sucrose or table sugar, all sugars are dangerous.


In terms of anxiety, the empty calories can cause blood insulin levels to rise rapidly creating a crash effect as the body needs to regulate the blood spikes that often amplify the symptoms of anxiety tenfold. We are normally left with the shakes and feeling more tense than ever. The additional sugar in the blood after a crash like this is also often converted to triglycerides in the liver and then stored as fat. It’s recommended we try and avoid high sugary foods for a healthy mind and body, hence, I recommend limiting your fruit intake to two serves per day.

Curb anxiety with Omega 3’s

The brain is fascinating. Our feelings, our moods, and our gut - it’s all intertwined and connected. In order to look after the body, we must look after the mind. Interestingly the mind doesn’t hurt like a bumped toe does, or a sore shoulder. Instead, it communicates inflammation on how you feel.

Anxiety is one of the most common symptoms of brain inflammation, closely linked with depression. There is often a confusion in reaching for a ‘Panadol or aspirin’ in the attempt to fight off its symptoms, however these drugs cannot cross the blood brain barrier and the only protection is adequate levels of Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EPA and DHA) in the foods we consume. As the supply of Omega 3’s is always limited in the brain, the intake must be consistent to keep up the neuro inflammatory control. Try four serves of fish per week (Salmon and Tuna 100 – 120g per serve) along with nuts, chia seeds and flaxseed oils. The oils will not only aid in greater synovial fluid in the joints improving overall movement, but they will also add to bouncier, younger looking skin.

Get sweaty

Stress and anxiety go hand in hand. Stress is a disaster for your mind, your body, and your soul. With an abundance of high achievers, we are jam packing our day’s with endless ‘to-do’s’ and forgetting the most important thing over all: how to make sure we are ‘feeling okay!’

At the pace of life today, we need to bring our nervous systems and stress levels back down into their neutral levels. In order to improve our ability to reduce stress levels on a daily basis, we must move! Yes, sweat it out! Whether it’s a brisk walk or a solid sweat sesh, exercise instantly improves our ability to deal with stress.


Moving the body rapidly opens more than a handful of oxygen pathways to the brain increasing blood flow stimulating our happy endorphins. When we are stressed and left feeling anxious, we deplete our brain of a particular protein (BDNF). Exercise is the only way we can bring this protein back up to adequate levels in the brain as it works on the hypothalamus to make new cells hence increasing BDNF. Try and have fun with your exercise routine, and surround yourself with supportive, like-minded people that make you feel good. Sweating it out with a smile is what it’s all about.